Pre Operative




  1. Do not eat or drink anything, not even water, after 10pm the night before surgery. Even small amounts of food or liquid could make your anesthetic dangerous. If there is a question about eating or drinking or a medical reason for eating, discuss this with the doctor in this office.


  1.  If you are diabetic, talk to the doctor in this office about eating and drinking. The rules are different for diabetics.


  1. Do not smoke at least one day before coming to the office. This will make your anesthetic safer.


  1. Prescribed medication should be taken with a small sip of water unless otherwise directed.


  1. All patients should be accompanied by a responsible adult to drive them home if general anesthesia or sedation is planned. This person MUST be present when the patient registers for surgery and stay in the office. Minors must be accompanied by their guardian unless paper work has been given in advance for them to sign.


  1. Please wear loose clothing with particular emphasis on loose sleeves. No nail polish or acrylic on one finger – preferable on the right hand and not the thumb.


  1. If you wear contact lenses, please do not wear them the day of your surgery.


Please call the office at 440-461-1157 if you have any questions.


Reminder: If you are a patient with Asthma be sure to bring your inhaler.


Note: If you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment you maybe asked to reschedule for a later date.